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Sherlock 2.0
Investigations connected on iPad in Provence
and the French Riviera

Sherlock Holmes has just arrived in our region.
Follow him and Watson through the cities of Provence:
Marseille, Arles, Aix-en-Provence, St Tropez, Cannes,
Nice and Monaco are your new playgrounds.

Our interactive investigations
Discover a city, immerse yourself in a crazy intrigue, show your deduction skills, stimulate conversation and communication between colleagues… Live the adventure of our life size Cluedo!

With our Sherlock 2.0 programs, teams will be asked to conduct an investigation where false leads and mind-bending plots are common.

Each team of investigators gets a tablet containing state of the art technology. Investigatores simply have to follow the instructions to go from one step to an other.

Once the team has reached a new step, the investigators are geo-localized. Then they have access to clues allowing them to solve the mistery.

Thanks to our iPads and our sophisticated application, our agency offers interactive activities:

Forget about old fashion road books, do not waste any time trying to figure out how to direct yourself around the city, your new guide is the iPad!

Enjoy the discovery of the city with our off line map. You will never encounter connection and/or network problems, our geo-positioning system will make it easier for you to go from one stage to the next.

Take up surprising challenges within the time frame allocated. The investigation is made dynamic with fun multiple question tests, role plays and challenges requiring quick thinking and memory tests.

Nothing is left to chance: our application allows us to rank the teams according not only to the number of points accumulated but also according to their deduction skills.

To make this experience a memorable one, the videos and pictures from the day will be projected at the end of the day during the debriefing and then emailed to you.

The concept of our investigations for iPad rallies

The participants are divided into teams, from 4 to 10 investigators. Each team receives an investigation kit including a backpack, a press review, an investigation notebook, etc.

A first brief is organized with Sherlock Holmes himself. In less than 5 minutes the scene is set and the participants are warmed up.

Once the chronometer starts ticking, the teams of investigators, equipped with their interactive map, walk around the city to take on challenges and tests leading them to clues (witnesses, digital prints etc…) so they can solve the mystery.

Interrogate all suspects, gather testimonies, lead your investigation step by step.

Outcome and debriefing: each team presents the results of the investigation.

From 10 up to 200 participants
Each city offers an adapted scenario
French and English
Contact Sherlock and Watson!
+33 4 94 40 83 83
+33 6 14 77 19 27

125, bld de la Plage
83530 Agay – FRANCE





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